哈喽大家好,我是重庆教主,本名佘中六,毕业于西南大学计算机专业。十分热爱.NET、C#、WPF等编程技术,具有10+年以上的软件开发经验和5+年以上的教学经验,曾做过教师,负责计算机编程及数学的教学,后担任高级软件工程师,负责上位机软件开发。擅长软件架构设计、上位机通讯编程,IOC框架设计。热衷于.NET技术分享,创立WPF中文网,并在多个编程社区或博客上发表多篇文章。Hello everyone, I am the Chongqing Master, my real name is She Zhongliu, and I graduated from Southwest University with a major in computer science. Very passionate NET, C #, WPF and other programming technologies, with over 10 years of software development experience and over 5 years of teaching experience. Previously worked as a teacher, responsible for teaching computer programming and mathematics. Later served as a senior software engineer, responsible for upper computer software development. Proficient in software architecture design, upper computer communication programming, and IOC framework design. Enthusiastic NET technology sharing, founding WPF Chinese website, and publishing multiple articles in multiple programming communities or blogs.

下面我将这些相关内容介绍如下,主要分教学视频制作推广、技术博客内容创作、编程书籍撰写、开源项目、社交群的技术服务五个方面。Below, I will introduce these related contents as follows, mainly divided into five aspects: teaching video production and promotion, technical blog content creation, programming book writing, open source projects, and technical services for social groups.

一、教学视频制作推广,Teaching video production and promotion

首先是推广.NET技术的视频方面,为了让编程学员能以实战的方式快速学习.NET技术,我录制了有关C#和WPF软件开发的教学视频,其中有许多免费的公开课,它们发表于哔哩哔哩平台;也制定了一系列高质量的.NET开发教学视频,它们则发表于51CTO平台。Firstly, it is promotion In the video aspect of NET technology, in order to enable programming students to learn quickly in a practical way NET technology, I recorded instructional videos about C # and WPF software development, which included many free public courses published on the Bilibili platform; A series of high-quality measures have also been formulated NET development teaching videos, which are published on the 51CTO platform.


目前位于哔哩哔哩的免费公开课一共有26个视频作品和部分相关文章,其播放总量达37.9万,粉丝量为8954人,文章投稿11篇。At present, there are a total of 26 video works and some related articles in the free public course located in Bilibili, with a total playback volume of 379000, 8954 followers, and 11 article submissions.



在51CTO平台,我一共发布了12个.NET教学视频课程。涵盖了零基础入门C#编程,中级编程、高级编程及软件架构设计等多个阶段,其编程方向涉及到C#语法、23种设计模式、WPF框架、Prism框架、SQL Server数据库、TCP网络编程、串口编程、模块化架构设计等多个方面,目前学员总人数达659925人。On the 51CTO platform, I have published a total of 12 NET teaching video course. It covers multiple stages including zero basic C # programming, intermediate programming, advanced programming, and software architecture design. Its programming direction involves C # syntax, 23 design patterns, WPF framework, Prism framework, SQL Server database, TCP network programming, serial programming, modular architecture design, and more. Currently, the total number of students is 659925.


从2023年3月开始上传作品,在不到一年的时候里,我的作品迅速得到广大学员的认可,并于2023年底的十大优秀讲师评选活动中脱颖而出,最终获得了“2023年底十大杰出讲师”的称号。Starting from March 2023, I started uploading my works. In less than a year, my works quickly gained recognition from a large number of students and stood out in the top ten outstanding lecturers selection activity at the end of 2023. Finally, I was awarded the title of "Top Ten Outstanding Lecturers by the End of 2023".

二、技术博客内容创作,Technology blog content creation

接下来介绍的是发表于博客社区的技术文章方面的内容。我也撰写了大量有关.NET的技术文章,它们主要发表于国内热门的博客社区,如CSDN、51CTO、B站等。The following will introduce the content of technical articles published in the blog community. I have also written a lot about it NET technical articles are mainly published in popular blog communities in China, such as CSDN, 51CTO, Bilibili, etc.


我在CSDN平台上主要分享WPF框架和Reactive Extension方面的编程技术。一共发表了98篇文章。其中,Reactive Extensions技术12篇,WPF技术50篇,C#技术34篇,Opencv技术2篇,EntityFramework技术1篇。这些文章获得了250次点赞,30+评论,409次收获和1039次代码分享。目前总访问量为126739人次。I mainly share programming techniques related to WPF framework and Reactive Extension on the CSDN platform. A total of 98 articles have been published. Among them, there are 12 articles on Reactive Extension technology, 50 articles on WPF technology, 34 articles on C # technology, 2 articles on Opencv technology, and 1 article on EntityFramework technology. These articles received 250 likes, 30+comments, 409 takeaways, and 1039 code shares. The current total number of visits is 126739.



我在51cto的博客平台也开设了账户,主要发表C#基础方面的原创文章。目前已经撰写了49篇,获得了7650的人气和3966次阅读。I have also opened an account on the 51cto blog platform, mainly publishing original articles on C # basics. I have written 49 articles so far, gaining 7650 popularity and 3966 readings.



在推广WPF框架时,我发现许多程序员觉得WPF框架学起来比较困难,国内没有成套的体系,于是,我在2023年8月创建了WPF中文网,并独立撰写了WPF框架从零基础到高级的所有学习文章。目前该站点每天大约200+访问IP,PV达2000,平均访问停留时长为15分钟。When promoting the WPF framework, I found that many programmers find it difficult to learn and there is no complete system in China. Therefore, in August 2023, I created the WPF Chinese website and independently wrote all learning articles on the WPF framework from scratch to advanced. At present, the site visits approximately 200+IPs per day, with a PV of 2000 and an average stay time of 15 minutes.


下面展示了最近30天的平均数据,The following shows the average data for the past 30 days



2024年5月我将WPF原创内容整理成册,成为国内第一份以PDF电子版发表的WPF学习教材——《WPF从小白到大佬》,并以免费的方式分发或下载。该电子书一共559页,是零基础入门WPF,及高级程序员案头查阅WPF资料较好的选择。一经推出,受到了我QQ群、微信群粉丝的喜爱和认可。In May 2024, I organized the original content of WPF into a book and became the first WPF learning textbook in China to be published in PDF electronic format - "WPF from novice to expert", which was distributed or downloaded for free. This e-book has a total of 559 pages and is a good choice for beginners with zero basics in WPF and advanced programmers to consult WPF information on their desks. Once launched, it was loved and recognized by my QQ and WeChat fans.



由于我的教学视频受到了广泛认可,在.NET销售排行榜上长居第一名,后有出版社联系我,希望我能将C#语法的学习撰写成书,所以,目前正在创作这本关于C#语法的书。创作进度为35%。Due to the widespread recognition of my teaching videos I ranked first on the NET sales ranking, and later a publishing house contacted me, hoping that I could write a book about learning C # grammar. Therefore, I am currently working on creating this book about C # grammar. The creative progress is 35%.

四、开源项目,Open source projects

我一个有8个开源项目,主要是我在课程中演示开发的教案系统。我将几个主要的项目介绍如下:I have 8 open source projects, mainly demonstrating and developing a lesson plan system in my courses. I will introduce several main projects as follows:

1.Prism模块化上位机开发项目,Prism modular upper computer development project

这是一个反应釜上位机系统。演示了C#+WPF+Prism+ReactiveUI+EF+MSSQL+串口编程等相关知识,本项目的亮点是演示了如何抽象一个反应釜硬件设备,因为这类非标设备内部包含了多个部件,不同的部件拥有不同的通讯方式和通讯模块,如何将它们以接口的方式抽象并独立出来,写到模块当中,并编写类型去继承硬件接口,实现通讯和业务功能,是本项目要解决的一大难点。通过本项目的学习,您将学会市面上常见的非标设备的上位机软件开发,并写出具有高内聚、低耦合、易扩展的软件。This is a reactor upper computer system. This project demonstrated relevant knowledge such as C #+WPF+Prism+ReactiveUI+EF+MSSQL+serial programming. The highlight of this project is how to abstract a reactor hardware device, as this type of non-standard device contains multiple components, each with different communication methods and modules. How to abstract them in an interface manner and write them into modules independently, and write types to inherit hardware interfaces to achieve communication and business functions is a major challenge that this project aims to solve. Through this project, you will learn how to develop upper computer software for common non-standard devices on the market, and write software with high cohesion, low coupling, and easy scalability.

本课程在开发硬件模块时,采用了模拟的硬件,所以不需要真实硬件,但是将串口和网口的通讯编程都完整的进行了演示,因为本课程所演示的项目来自于一个商用的反应釜控制系统。In the development of hardware modules in this course, simulated hardware was used, so real hardware is not required. However, the communication programming of serial and network ports was fully demonstrated, as the project demonstrated in this course comes from a commercial reactor control system.

反应釜在进行操作时,需要控制电机的转速、加料泵、监控温度变化,以作业流程的方式进行操作,而且本项目是一个双反应釜控制系统,有些硬件模块被两个反应釜共同所有,这在一定程度上,增加了抽象的难度。如何巧妙地在业务层实现反应釜的监测和控制,也是本项目值得学习的重点。难度等级:高级+架构。When operating the reactor, it is necessary to control the motor speed, feed pump, monitor temperature changes, and operate in a workflow manner. Moreover, this project is a dual reactor control system, and some hardware modules are jointly owned by the two reactors, which to some extent increases the difficulty of abstraction. How to cleverly implement monitoring and control of reaction vessels at the business level is also a key focus worth learning in this project. Difficulty level: Advanced+Architecture.


2.PLC通讯框架开发项目,PLC communication framework development project

本项目演示了如何开发一个通用的PLC通讯框架。通过C#、欧姆龙PLC、HostLink通讯协议 TCP通讯 ● 串口通讯等要素,并通过C#相关技术如数据类型 抽象 继承 事件event 函数 修饰符(public private internal)泛型 Action委托 IPAddress 多态函数 socket编程(tcpclient)SerialPort串口多线程 -> 子线程 异步,开发一套具有通用性、扩展性的PLC通讯框架。适合具有C#高级知识的小伙伴,希望能够独立开发下位机通讯,不管是哪些通讯协议,也不管是串口还是网口通讯模式,本课程都一一进行讲解,学完本课程后,您将在上位机通讯编程方面得到突破。This project demonstrates how to develop a universal PLC communication framework. By using C #, Omron PLC, HostLink communication protocols such as TCP communication and serial communication, as well as C # related technologies such as data type abstraction, event function modifier (public private internal), generic Action, IPAddress, polymorphic function socket programming (tcpclient), SerialPort serial multi threading ->sub threading asynchronous, a universal and scalable PLC communication framework is developed. Suitable for those with advanced knowledge of C #, I hope to independently develop lower computer communication. This course will explain all communication protocols, serial and network communication modes one by one. After completing this course, you will make breakthroughs in upper computer communication programming.


3.C#23种设计模式实战项目,C # 23 Design Patterns Practical Project

本项目以理论联系实际,理实一体化,用具体的应用场景和通俗易懂的讲课方式,带您快速掌握23种设计模式。创建型模式,共五种:工厂方法模式、抽象工厂模式、单例模式、建造者模式、原型模式。——关注对象的创建。结构型模式,共七种:适配器模式、装饰器模式、代理模式、外观模式、桥接模式、组合模式、享元模式。——关注类与类之间的关系。行为型模式,共十一种:策略模式、模板方法模式、观察者模式、迭代子模式、责任链模式、命令模式、备忘录模式、状态模式、访问者模式、中介者模式、解释器模式。——关注对象和行为的分离。This project combines theory with practice, integrates theory with practice, and uses specific application scenarios and easy to understand teaching methods to quickly grasp 23 design patterns. There are five types of creative patterns: factory method pattern, abstract factory pattern, singleton pattern, builder pattern, and prototype pattern—— Focus on the creation of objects. There are seven structural modes: adapter mode, decorator mode, proxy mode, appearance mode, bridge mode, combination mode, and enjoyment mode—— Pay attention to the relationship between classes. There are eleven types of behavioral patterns: strategy pattern, template method pattern, observer pattern, iterative sub pattern, responsibility chain pattern, command pattern, memo pattern, state pattern, visitor pattern, mediator pattern, and interpreter pattern—— Focus on the separation of objects and behaviors.


4.无人值守地磅称重系统,Unmanned weighbridge weighing system

本项目主要以C#+WPF+Sqlite+CommunityTookKit.Mvvm进行上位机开发。完全以实战为主,学以致用,采用微软官方提供的CommunityTookKit.Mvvm框架和MaterialDesign主题,以轻量的Sqlite数据库保存数据,并以CodeFirst的方式创建本地数据库。另外,报表采用了经典的FastReport组件,可以轻松实现磅单的打印和导出。This project mainly focuses on C #+WPF+Sqlite+CommunityTookKit Mvvm for upper computer development. Completely focused on practical experience, applying what is learned, using Microsoft's official CommunityTookKit The Mvvm framework and MaterialDesign theme save data in a lightweight Sqlite database and create a local database in CodeFirst format. In addition, the report adopts the classic FastReport component, which can easily achieve the printing and export of weighing orders.


5.IOC框架开发项目,IOC framework development project

本项目从零搭建IOC容器,详细讲解了控制反转、依赖注入、事件总线、模块化编程等概念与实现。通过C#+WPF,以.NET7.0为框架基础,全面演示了软件架构的全过程。本课程大量运用了特性、反射、委托、事件、字典、接口、抽象等知识点,是软件架构师必学的课程。This project builds an IOC container from scratch and provides a detailed explanation of concepts and implementations such as control reversal, dependency injection, event bus, and modular programming. By using C #+WPF Based on the NET7.0 framework, it comprehensively demonstrates the entire process of software architecture. This course extensively utilizes knowledge points such as features, reflections, delegation, events, dictionaries, interfaces, and abstractions, making it a mandatory course for software architects.


五、社交群的技术服务,Technical services for social groups

我在大力推广.NET的时候,还创建了一些社交群,结识了许多热爱.NET的小伙伴,并在群里为他们解答学习或工作中遇到的编程问题。I am vigorously promoting it When using NET, I also created some social groups and made many passionate friends NET buddies, and answer programming problems they encounter in learning or work in the group.

其中拥有一个近2000人的QQ群,群号为864486030。There is a QQ group with nearly 2000 people, with the group number 864486030.

拥有一个140人的VIP学员的企业微信群,A corporate WeChat group with 140 VIP students

拥有一个178人的VIP学员QQ群。Have a VIP student QQ group of 178 people.

——本文结束,End of this article

——重庆教主(佘中六) 2024年5月18日

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